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Queen of the Fiesta 2012

Marcela Paz Gálvez Lizana came to Watertown, Wisconsin in August, 2011 as an AFS student from San Fernando, Chile. San Fernando is a 4 hour drive from the country’s capital, Santiago. Marcela graduated from high school in Chile just before coming to Watertown and is now a senior at Watertown High School. After her year in Watertown, she looks forward to studying psychology or social work in Chile.

Marcela has always enjoyed sharing cultural perspectives, thoughts and ideas. She appreciates multiple worldviews and diversity in general. Becoming an exchange student through AFS provided an opportunity to make contact with not only Americans, but people from around the world as well. She is truly enjoying her time in Watertown.

When asked why she would make a good choice for Queen of the Fiesta 2012, Marcela explained, “Because I appreciate American and Chilean cultures and I believe in sharing thoughts and beliefs with others. I like the idea of establishing relationships with all different kinds of people, no matter where they are from. I believe in learning from each other and enjoying each other.” We are honored to have Marcela represent Fiesta Cultural Latinoamericana 2012.